About us


ND Construction, LLC brings decades of construction and concrete placement experience through its team and the owners, Lori and Tony Bagliore. Mrs. and Mr. Bagliore have been in the construction industry for over 50 years combined. They have completed 100s of millions of dollars’ worth of construction projects and have been an essential part of several successful companies.

In the beginning of 2020, Mrs. and Mr. Bagliore decided to contribute the rest of their lives to the country we all love and they established ND Construction, LLC, a Women Owned Company. ND Construction, LLC was established for one major goal: To build its People so the People can build Value
and Quality for generations to come.

Let’s Build The Future Together



To contribute and support solutions that promote the success of our customers. We want to remain a reliable partner to our customers.

At ND Construction, LLC, we acquire and utilize the most up-to-date technology, software, and applications for our accounting, estimating and project management teams to ensure our customers get the best service and experience available.



Diversity is at the core of our workforce, our markets, and our services because we desire the best solutions which require new perspectives, open minds, and differing backgrounds.


We will not compromise on quality. We are committed to exceeding expectations the first time and constantly trying our best to always improve.


Our reputation is of the upmost importance.  Doing the right thing is what you can count on from our company when we face a tough decision.


We will always put maximum effort to maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment on each of our projects.


We are conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment.  We encourage our customers to do the same by promoting efficient, clean, and effective solutions on each of our projects.


ND Construction, LLC is proud to say we love our country and desire to be part of her continued success.
We operate our company with many of the same values that have sustained and guided our country for over decades: adaptability, honesty, hard work, cooperation, integrity and a commitment to quality. ND Construction, LLC brings years of experience in delivering exceptional service to our customers. We are a small, but fast-growing company. We focus on providing our clients with the best-value solutions to complex challenges.